Pokaiwhenua Newsletter

Well planting season is over for most and it has seen 40000+ native plants go in across farms that we know about. I congratulate you all on this effort it is something to be proud of . Now the focus turns to releasing all those plants and this is so important to a successful outcome for as many of those plants as possible. If you need help with finding someone to clear plants then feel free to contact us and we can point you to some contractors. 

We have been applying for funding in several places and we should know soon weather we have been successful to be in a position to help some of you to  plant critical areas on and around our catchment. With all this wet weather you may have notice areas that would be good to look at for fencing off and planting out to slow water entering the waterways, along with the reduction of sediment and crossflows of nutrients. Give me a call if you would like me to get you some help or advice about the best way to protect these areas.  

I was lucky enough to go to Wellington with the South Waikato District Council earlier this month to Parliament. 40 businesses showed off what we are doing across our area and that we need more support from government to help grow our area. Ministers and politician's from both sides of the house came to see us and I was impressed that many of them knew of the work that the catchment group was doing. Lets hope that this translates into funds at some stage. Many thanks to SWDC for the opportunity.

We also had a stand at the Events Centre in Tokoroa. It was a chance to meet and make people mainly from town aware of our presence  and what we do and that what happens in town directly affects what happens in our catchment.

AGM is on the 12th of October at 1pm the Hodderville Conference Center and all are welcome

Good to see some of our drystock farmers at our FEP course for Drystock and Runoffs. This was run by Beef and Lamb NZ for free and was a great day. I know some of you could not make this day so we are looking to run another in March 23. 

B & LNZ are running a second day for us on GHG at the Hodderville Conference Centre on the 18th Oct. You don't need to have gone to to the first one to come along but you do need to register via the link below.

B+LNZ Responding to a Changing Climate – Know your Numbers workshop

Hodderville Conference Centre, Old Taupo Road

18thOctober 2022, 10am – 1pm

This workshop will cover why every farm should know their GHG numbers and have a plan.

You will then complete the calculation for your farm and look at what an action plan for your farm could look like including management actions that may be taken to sustainably manage GHG emissions.

Register here to attend https://events.beeflambnz.com/event/?id=BLNZ_Responding_to_a_Changing_Climate_Know_your_numbers_Workshop_-_Pokaiwhenua3393010136and check your confirmation e-mail for the information you will need to bring along on the day.

We have another Fonterra suppliers FEP course running starting on the 31st Oct so if you need one of these then contact Hadleigh Putt 

 Wednesday 16th November

Many of you have FEPs and are working to mitigate things on your farms and we know how busy the farm can be so we are making our next workshop Mobile with a Coffee Cart and Food most likely to be in two place on one day so that you can come down and discuss and ask questions over a snack. We have engaged Adrian Brocksopp and Matt Highway from Element Environmental to be available for you to chat with about Freshwater plans and  SNA's. These guys are very down to earth and we have found them to be very supportive of our catchment group so make sure you put half and aside and come down.

Wednesday 23rd November

We will have a Green House Gas workshop at Hodderville with Stephen Veitch coming along to put in plain English how  carbon farming can work for us. He works for Carbon farming NZ and has a deep understanding of how to claim the credits and will talk about He Waka Eke Noa as well. Many of you have asked for this particular subject so here's your opportunity to ask all the questions. Put it in your diary NOW

Hadleigh and I are off to Wellington next week to the National land catchment forum. We look forward to learning new ideas and maybe even sharing a few ideas.

As always I am ready to come talk or look at a potential project so don hesitate to make contact.

Lastly I would like to thank Leslie and Jenny who live next to Duxfield Reserve and have made the difficult decision to move on. Thanks for the many years of toil along the Pokaiwhenua Stream and the planting of so many natives along the stream. Good luck with what ever you do next  




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