Pokaiwhenua Catchment Group became an incorporated trust in early 2021. Our mission is to restore and enhance the wellbeing of the Pokaiwhenua stream and its catchment for the benefit of the community.

We are actively applying for funding from both the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) and the Waikato River Authority (WRA) to support future work to enhance the Pokaiwhenua Stream, and will be engaging with landowners within the catchment.

Pokaiwhenua Catchment Group aims to partner with farmers who own land adjoining or nearby the stream and other interested parties about ways to improve water quality and reduce run-off into and the stream and its catchment.

Our vision

We have a long-term view to caring for our environment, our people and our communities through the following priority areas:

1Fencing and planting waterways

2Improving water quality

3Enhancing biodiversity

4Improving food gathering

5Facilities access for all

6Supporting iwi with sites of significance

7Reconnecting the community to the catchment

Our stream is worth protecting
and here's why...

Key outcomes

Good Farming Practices are in place and are financially viable.

Effective fencing, planting and erosion/sediment control.

Lowered e-coli levels along with N, P and sediment.

Improved food gathering and recreational opportunities.

Baseline data for water quality, biodiversity including flora and fauna.

Catchment progress monitored and reported.

Urban centres are aware of their effect on the catchment and are taking positive actions to reduce pollutants entering it.

Educational opportunities are provided for the community in particular local school children including appropriate planting along the stream.

Walkways and cycleways are established allowing public to access natural areas and areas of cultural and historical significance.

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