Newsletter 3

Well that was a dry month and aren't we loving this rain. This good soaking rain will get down deep so that when we get to planting, the plants will have a great chance to take root. It was such a shame to have to postpone the planting day at Duxfield reserve, but hey, I'm sure it will be a great sunny day come the 29th of June so we can have all the plants in the ground. The delay does mean that the power pole should be up in the planting area by then too so we will be able to plant the whole area. Many thanks to Rodger Duxfield for allowing Powerco to move another pole across the road after they hit rock an allows the planting of more plants.

Great to see 23 farms taking part in our FEP Program too. Thanks to MPI funding Stuart Burns from Dairy training is doing two days  making it easy for you to understand what is required for your FEP and then Hadleigh Putt and his team take over to do one on one visits to complete them. The finial day is a Green House Gas day run by Wilma Forster From DairyNZ To finish the course. The Farmers I have talked to have said it has been really helpful for them to get this done so if you are interested then contact me through the website or Hadleigh directly for our next set of courses. oh and I here the lunches are not to shabby either.

Another great day was talking to the kids at Tirau and Amisfeild schools Taku Wairua  program along with Brett Fleming from the PCG board and Taine and Nina from Waterboy about community citizenship and volunteer work and all about the work of the Pokaiwhenua Catchment Groups work.   We look forward to see these kids out at our planting days this month. The kids planted a tree at there school and named them (Tirau) Bob and (Amisfeild) Slim shady.

Slim Shady

Slim Shady


Another event was held at the Baldwins property looking at their wetland and the results of the monitoring, DairyNZ ran this day and it was an impressive site and a lot of hard work has gone into making it a useful feature. Not only aesthetically pleasing but useful in removing 25000kg of sediment in one year and removing vast amount's of nutrient's from our waterways. Well done Gray and Marilyn.

If you want to know more about wetlands make contact and we can put you in contact with all the right people. or go here https://www.dairynz.co.nz/envi...

Next month

EDNA Testing across the Catchment, These are a small device that we put in the waterways for 24hrs and it can detect all the DNA of every living thing from ducks to rodents to birds,bugs and fish, If its there within a couple of Kms this will pick it up allowing us to great picture of the biodiversity across the Catchment. if you would like to have one on your section of the stream them contact me ASAP on 021401359.

Fonterra's Pinedale Block

Put it in your calendar. 15th June  Great speakers talking about what happened and what lead to  the retention and detention bunds along with plantings at the site and what go on at Pinedale.

A chance to hear some real leaders in the industry on these subjects. Starts At 10am and finishing with a lunch from 12pm.

Planting Day

29th June  at Duxfield Reserve to get them in the ground from 930am. Bring some friends and this time we'll get it done 

Funding opportunities.

Have you got a seep or a small waterway or a large riparian strip you've been thinking about planting or maybe some steep piece off land that you might retire from farming. Let us help you see if there's some funding options for you. Contact me via the email link on this site or ring on 021401359 


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